Stanley's Lies is the first episode but was cancelled and moved to Season 3. One morning, Sir Topham Hatt makes Stanley pull fireworks and Emily to pull coaches. Stanley lies and says he will do the job but knows he wont. At the docks, Stanley meets Murdoch who tells Stanley the cargo is filled with fireworks. And Stanley puffs proudly to Maithwaite Station where he meets Diesel 10. Diesel 10 commands Stanley give the fireworks to him. Stanley lies again and says "Yes". When Stanley left, He meets Rosie. Rosie wanted to shunt trucks and asks Stanley is he wants to join. Stanley says yes and they set off to the Shunting Yards





Diesel 10



Sir Topham Hatt

Cranky (does not speak)

Henry (cameo)

Harvey (cameo)

Annie and Clarabel (cameo)

Percy (mentioned)


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